ers in the Wizards card game given by Lee Jordan after he wiped out the food on the plate. The top 16 selection was over yesterday, and it has not changed much from the previous 西安夜生活网 year.

If you insist on saying the difference If this is the case, then there may be a dark horse.

A guy like Isabel, who rarely plays wizard cards, can beat other players and easily reach the top 16.

“I just heard that Filch was in the third In the bathroom downstairs, I found Kenneth Toller, who was unconscious.” George brought back an unpleasant news.


Fred smeared peanut butter on the slices of bread and looked up. George, “Kenneth was attacked?”

“When Filch found Kenneth, his head was stuffed into the toilet and his pants were stripped off. It looked very miserable.”

Who attacked? With Kenneth, everyone can actually guess. The

eight achievement is Slytherin’s Flint.

Last time, Kenneth Toller let someone pick Slytherin Quidditch Captain Marcus Flint’s Trousers, the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 two sides became enmity. At the beginning of this month, Kenneth was found fainted in the bathroom, and his trousers were stripped.

“If he was in the bathroom on the third floor, how could no one spot him in advance?” De took a bite of the slice of bread and asked in confusion.

“He should have been casted on his body by someone else, or he should be stuffed directly into 新西安夜网the compartment. If he doesn’t wake up, it is naturally difficult to be found.” Tucked the list into his schoolbag.

“This thing is weird.” George murmured.

“Tell me about your findings.” Fred motioned George to continue.

“Marcus Flint will talk. Retaliation against Kenneth Toller?” George thought for a while and asked, “If the first time is revenge, what is the second time?”

“It’s also revenge.” Lee Jordan hurriedly 西安桑拿网 finished the slice of bread and took it. Picked up his schoolbag and left the hall with his roommates.

Fred and George disagreed with Lee Jordan’s views.

On the way to the fortune-telling classroom, Albert suddenly asked, “Have you taught Kenneth’s Phant