f this badge, nor the legitimacy and rationality of this badge.


Joe got a badge from the royal family, which was originally Joe’s most powerful amulet.

He was in the Whispering Forest Club, wearing the Royal Hydra badge, offending a distinguished royal family member!

Really a perfect blow!

Wearing a badge of honor issued by the royal family, offend a distinguished royal member!

Especially in the Durham Empire, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 this imperial royal family has supreme authority, the imperial royal family is extremely powerful, and a powerful empire that controls almost all power. Joe’s behavior simply breaks the bottom line of moral cognition.

Isn’t this moral corruption? What is moral corruption?

How can a young man with depraved morals be qualified to enter the judicial club? How can he be qualified to be in the same room with the judicial elites of the imperial capital and enjoy the facilities and conveniences provided by the judicial club?

Mr. Skeins stood up slowly, frowning and staring at Justice Weilun.

Lan Mujin and Lan Kikyo also stood up, and their gazes towards Justice Weilun were full of unkindness.

Kill the heart!

Justice Weilun’s remarks were not only to drive Joe out of the Judicial Club, but also 西安夜网论坛 to drive Joe out of the entire imperial capital aristocracy. Wearing a royal badge of honor and offending members of the royal family was enough to prove that Joe’s moral character was corrupt. And a person with depraved morals, where does he have the face to fight in the upper-class society of the imperial capital?

He will be rejected by all the nobles and celebrities, and he will have difficulty in the upper circle of the 西安耍耍网 imperial capital.

Even Qiao’s advanced studies at the Judicial University will be greatly affected. Even if he graduates from the Judicial University in the future, he will be rejected and suppressed by the entire imperial capital judicial circle.

In the lobby on the first floor, judges applauded and cheered for Justice Weilun, because Justice Weilun reve