still have the essence of life, Madam Manda is really willing to take out this elven clan holy medicine for you!”

I smiled slightly, without giving much explanation. 西安夜生活论坛

Then he asked the scholar of Sola University: “Master Sola, can’t the sacred prayers dispel these dark spirits?” The

Sola University student wore a sacred robe, staring at me and said: ” Do you mean that the wound on Duke Jingyue’s body is still being eroded by the power of the shadow element? No wonder my strong healing technique has no effect at all.”

Then she asked me: “Jiga, you can feel it The shadow element aura on those Jingyue Duke’s body?”

“You can feel a little bit.” I said.

Then I stretched out a finger, condensed 西安夜生活网 a trace of electric arc, gestured to Sola University.

At this time, Su walked to my side, she squatted down in front of the bed, holding a prayer book in her hand, she turned to the third page casually, a sacred breath radiated from her body, she gently I glanced at me, and as 西安桑拿网 my fingers drew a magic pattern in front of my chest, chanting a kind of prayer that I didn’t understand, a sacred beam of light fell on Duke Jingyue’s bed.

When those sacred powers fell on Duke Jingyue, the shadow element aura on Duke Jingyue’s wounds and organs continued to dissipate.

Just as I was watching those sacred auras dispelling the dark elemental auras intently, the Scholar of Thora came to my ear behind me, I smelled a faint fragrance, and she asked softly in my ear: ” Giga, what did you see?”

203. Princess Sha’s anger

The voice of Lord Sola rang next to my ears, like a gentle spring breeze.

Without blinking, I looked at the fading dark energy on Duke Jingyue’s wound, and said to Lord Sora: “I saw the dark dark energy slowly dissolving, they are like The flame attached to her wound, the life force overflowing from the wound is the nourishment of these black devil energy, they are constantly burning. A sacred aura fell through the ceiling of the room, and these sacred auras blackened the wound. The fog-like s