nue to attack, with crazy joy in your eyes, as if you have found a treasure.

You really know what happened that night, right!

The suspicion of the hunting sect finally cleared a bit, and Ed took years of The hatred and incomprehension slowly said.

Of course I am a demon hunter, but when you go to the Seven Hills to celebrate the birthday of the gods, I am still outside on a long-term mission.

What happens next is also very interesting for you . Clear right.

Looking at Lorenzo, although Ed did not say much information, in 西安夜网论坛 Lorenzo’s eyes, a clear story has appeared. He was silent, that should be buried in his memories. The deepest thing. The

Holy Night event broke out. After the incident, the Pope signed the thirteenth secret order, and the demon hunter group was disbanded. The demon hunters who once defended humans became sewer rats and were slaughtered.

Why? Demon hunter, why do we get such a result?

Like a child who doesn’t understand social principles, Ed looks at Lorenzo and keeps asking, seeming to be asking himself and Lorenzo.

Ed looked mad and sad that cheek, after San Lorenzo in temporary night left the Mission, he guessed that the church would be a great cleaning, but he did not think it would be XIII secret order.

This Is the result still bad?

Luo Renzo asked suddenly, with this feeling of being arrogant. The

Black Heart Company is finally dead, and we are finally free. Why should we be immersed in hatred? Is it not good to be free to chase dreams?

Lorenzo said and laughed, seeming to be amused by himself. But

Ed shook his head. He looked at Lorenzo as if he was looking at a self-deceiving guy.

Demon hunter, you are more pitiful than me, I looked at my pain directly, but you used ridiculous dreams to cover up yourself. The 西安夜生活论坛 best proof that you still keep the nails.

He said to Lorenzo like a vicious curse.

You are also afraid, right, I was afraid of the demons who suddenly came out of the darkness, so I clung to the nail sword.

Chapter 63 Dilemma The