uburban manor. The neighbors around knew that Harou’s heart was flustered, and the hand holding the necklace became harder.

She couldn’t determine whether the one just now was good or bad, and

she didn’t know what to do. She wanted to go to the suburban manor. I told the teacher about the incident, and I was afraid of encountering danger and becoming 新西安夜网 a victim.

Moreover, her teacher seems to have lost most of the communication skills at present, even if I receive a reminder, he may not be able to figure out the specific meaning.

Haile stood unknowingly Get up, pacing back and forth in the bedroom, finally, she made up her mind, pressed her lips tightly, walked to the door, and said to the close-knit maid outside:

I am a little tired, and I am going to sleep now, don’t let people come to disturb me.

Yes, miss. The maid responded immediately.

Closing the door, Harouer began to change clothes that are easy to move.

Her expression was very heavy, her teeth were biting her lips. She finally decided to go to the suburban manor to remind the teacher.

She did not want to change Become a person who seems arrogant but timid, and 西安耍耍网 loses all principles in danger!

That will make her look down on herself!

When Hairou took advantage of the focus of the bodyguards on the prom people, enter the garden from the balcony and the water pipe, and left At 39 Berklund Street, Klein was holding a glass of sparkling wine with a sweet taste and ice cubes, discussing with a few men about the business sector in the southern continent.

He tilted his head slightly 西安夜网论坛 , looking After taking a glance at the location of the garden, with the help of intuition, he discovered Haruer’s actions.

Although she is not a girl with a pleasing personality, she still has a conscience. Klein nodded invisibly, and said in his heart.

He had no worries about Harou’s actions, because it was from Berklund Street in the North District. Go Macht manor house Baekeland 西安桑拿网 Desi northern suburbs, even a horse and carriage, but also need 3