Thinking 西安夜网论坛 of this, Albert shook his head helplessly, that is, when there are fewer people and more resources, this is the case. If there are more people and less resources, you won’t even have to eat freshwater fish.

“At this time, most of the students are 西安夜生活网 going to Hogsmeade.”

When he arrived on the eighth floor, Albert was still cautiously observing the eighth through the live spot map In the situation of the building, he saw a familiar name.

Professor 西安夜生活论坛 Rowena Smith?

Albert froze for a moment and murmured: “Coincidence, or is… he is going to the House of Requests ?” After

arriving at the House of Requests, Albert Te found that he could not enter, and the door did not open?

“Is there anyone inside?” Albert looked at the entrance of the responsive house and walked towards 西安桑拿网 the Gryffindor common room.

“Professor Trelawney? or Is it Professor Smith?”

“Last year, Professor Broad also seemed to know about the existence of the Requirement Room…The latter should be more likely, then…what does Professor Smith do in the Requirement Room? What is hidden inside? Secret?”

What’s the secret in the House of Request?

“Ravenclaw’s treasure trove of knowledge?” Albert felt that he might have guessed the answer.

After all, Professor Smith and Professor Browder are both from Ravenclaw. If they find that there is a room of responsiveness and find the secret in it, they think It’s not difficult to enter Ravenclaw’s treasury of knowledge.

“Password, do you want to go in?” The fat lady was already impatient, staring at Albert 西安耍耍网 hurriedly.

“Oh, sorry, the password is butter cake. “Albert noticed that the fat lady’s expression was not good, and said hesitatingly. After the entrance of the common room was opened, he immediately got in. The rest of the lounge was the first and second grade students who could not go to Hogsmeade. While doing homework or talking, chatting and playing games.

Albert put the bucket of salt back into the dormitory. When he returned to the common room, he found