re around the Tower of the Ice Clerk finally rose to minus 80 degrees Celsius, which has not affected the activities of the 西安桑拿网 seven high-level legendary dragons. PS: You recommend a book: “When Everything Starts from the Blade of Ghost Slayer”, the two-dimensional classification, the number of words is a bit small, you can first see if you are right. Chapter 389 Gold Coins of Destiny The White Dragon Lord flew out of the White Tower and landed on the ice with six other high-level legendary dragons, walking towards the frozen tower of the Ice Clerk, the King of Thunder Hell. The most anxious, the fastest, the first to come to the frozen gate of the Ice Lier’s Tower. It’s ironic that the Ice Clerk’s Tower was destroyed by the ice. With that, the King of Thunder Prison kicked up. Cang Dang! The thick ice cracked into a spider web shape, and further cracked and turned into fragments to fall, exposing the covered gate of the tower of the Ice Clerk. The King 西安耍耍网 of Thunder Hell kicked it up again. The door made of unknown material is sunken into a big pit, But there was no sign of fragmentation, the King of Thunder Prison was slightly surprised, and then felt a little uncomfortable on his face, and kicked it up again. Cang Dang! Cang Dang! Cang Dang! With three legs in a row, the gate of the Tower of the Ice Clerk 西安全城安排网 collapsed, revealing the hall in the magic tower. At first glance, Lord White Dragon saw the towering throne at the end of the hall. Between the Throne and Lord White Dragon is a smooth, mirror-like avenue. There are 64 stone pillars symmetrically distributed on both sides of the avenue. The stone pillars are carved with exquisite patterns and reliefs. , You can imagine the scene of the Bing Liers sitting high on the throne and the Titans kneeling in front of the stage. It’s just that all of this no longer exists. The hall that was once glorious is frozen by the cold that forbidden curse infiltrates, and the dome with exquisite patterns is hung with ice, which looks like a long time. The King of Thund