is dropped, it may be a discus that will kill people. , Or smashed rock skin flatbread.

In fact, Albert really doesn’t care. For old friends, you can make friends, and you can’t make friends, and there will be no loss. He usually quietly talks about these old friends in a respectful and sincere tone. Wool. In

the letter to Adolf, Albert talked about the trouble he encountered in using the conversion spell, and asked the other party how to use the advanced conversion spell and apply it to the magic mirror.

Adolf will definitely know the advanced conversion spell, otherwise he How to make a double-sided mirror?

Yes, Albert hopes to seek a more advanced conversion spell from Adolf. This kind of more advanced use of spells, the professor at Hogwarts will not teach, really master these 西安夜生活第一论坛网 advanced levels There are very few magic skills.

However, since he realized advanced magic, Albert has felt a little pain, because there are no advanced guardian magic spells on his skill panel, just like the glowing spell is mastering After using more advanced methods, there is no advanced glowing spell on the skill panel.

In fact, what Abuforth taught himself is still within the skill range of the guardian spell.

Of course, it does not rule out that the advanced guardian spell requires pre-skills For example, how many levels of the guardian god spell skills need to be before the advanced guardian god spells and the like will appear. The

panel tasks and skills, Albert himself did not fully understand.

“This is the game process of the wizard card, I have checked Now, the game time has been 新西安夜网 staggered with other activities.” Lee Jordan handed a piece of parchment to Albert when he put the letter in the envelope.

“Well, it’s a hard work!”

Albert sweeps I took a look at the game time and process on the parchment paper, picked up my quill pen, modified a few places on the parchment paper, and put it away. If

someone can help, it’s fine!

“If you know that I’ve been working hard, just put the flames Let