he bottle while breathing, simply spent the night in the living room tonight.

“But then again”

Miss Witch said to herself at this time: “This magician little brother, why is he interested in that pharaoh’s tomb…that ring, there is really something special.”

She moved in her heart . , And then took out the spare messenger from the neckline, then 新西安夜网 slid on the table and wrote something quickly, then stuffed it into the messenger, and finally released the messenger.

The Shenzhou Zhenlong who left the living room found a utility room under the stairs. After strapping the golden dragon again, knocking it half dead and throwing it in, it began to wander in the villa again.

After a while, she stopped in one of the rooms, then put the girl Donnie on the bed and saw it, 西安桑拿网 Xiaodie Yao quickly covered the girl with a quilt.

“The one named Mina really disappeared.” Long Xiruo frowned at this time: “I turned around and didn’t feel that her presence should have left this villa completely.”

“Miss Mina .” “Luo Pianshu asked curiously: “Does she have any problems?”

“Problems?” Long Xiruo shook her head and said, “The problem is big. You look at this girl, like an ordinary human being 14 or 5 years old. Is that kind of dusty air, if you dress a little old-fashioned, I believe she is an experienced old bustard!”

Luo Pian said, “Well then, should we ask the boss? He must know it!”

“Yes.” The real dragon from Shenzhou is abruptly. nod.

Originally thinking that Sister Long would be like usual, the little butterfly demon who opened her mouth as a profiteer listened at this 西安夜生活第一论坛网 time, but she couldn’t react to it, “Can…

okay ?” The true dragon of Shenzhou said thoughtfully at this time: “Well, you can ask, but you can’t ask in front of the scheming woman, you must ask quietly.”


The true dragon of Shenzhou suddenly held Xiaodie Yao’s shoulders with both hands at this time, and looked at her seriously: “Pian Shao! Let me ask you, how am I usually to you?”


” Hesitate 西安夜生活网 a ghost!!”

“Very wel