thoughts, habitual analysis, and slander of Leonard were completely exposed. After coming out, it is no longer possible to maintain the original image in front of Miss Justice. It

is Leonard’s fault! Hey, you should follow the doctor’s advice. Not only did you not wear a thick mask this time, but even the thin one was taken off Klein. This thought flashed subconsciously, and he immediately interrupted his thoughts and glanced at left and right vigilantly.

He hadn’t gotten rid of the fear that his inner thoughts would be spoken out loud.

Fortunately, this is not the Hall of Honesty he named. There is no longer the kind of magic that cannot be resisted by normal abilities at all. 西安桑拿网

Obviously, Audrey the Justice and Leonard Star also have similar post-traumatic stress disorder, one slams his lips tightly, the other sits on the ground straight body, it seems that just instinctively think of some things.

calm for a few seconds, they remembered the world Gelman. Sparrow just have to ask their own situation, Mangjiang attention back on the right track.

felt something was Purified that I originally had the illusion that I would split into a second personality, no, not a second personality, but there seems to be something in my body that doesn’t belong to me, awakening, well, no more, praise Mr. Fool! Delly did her own psychoanalysis quite professionally, and then expressed her gratitude sincerely.

This thanked me for accepting dangerous ideas calmly. Fortunately, in the Hall of Honesty, Miss Justice 西安夜生活网 and Leonard’s thoughts did not turn towards the fool. Otherwise, I would definitely be tempted to take the call, then my shame would make me lose control on the spot, and collapse into a bunch of spirit insects. Klein’s thoughts flickered, and he responded seriously:

Praise Mr. Fool!

Praise Mr. Fool. Sir. As a believer in the goddess of the night, Leonard hesitated to agree, and 西安夜生活第一论坛网 then quickly changed the subject. I have no problem. Just now, I felt that something was calling me behind the bronze