shouted, and the chaotic scene instantly exploded. The cavalry who had previously prepared to charge turned their horses and ran towards the rear. After catching up with the fled mercenaries, they caused trampling and even greater riots. In a blink of an eye, the situation under the Western City Wall has become uncontrollable. To be continued. Text Chapter Five Hundred and Five King of War (Part 2) At the same time, Lightning, Wendy, Maisie and Hummingbird are performing the final strike before the general offensive. Since the battleship’s main guns fired solid rounds, the effect of destroying the fighters at the top of the city wall and the defensive facilities was not ideal, so their goal was to destroy the enemy’s line of defense at the head of the city, as far as possible to kill the enemy’s vital forces, for the overall attack Create a safe passage. This is also the first time a hydrogen balloon has been put into actual combat. Compared to the thousand-mile raid five months ago, the takeoff was by the canal. Almost everyone witnessed the lift-off of this behemoth. In Roland’s plan, the unimpeded hydrogen balloon could be used in this era. Used as a short-range bomber, coupled with the logistics support provided by the entire fleet, it is completely the original aircraft carrier combat mode. The soldiers of the First Army on the dock burst into enthusiastic cheers. They all knew that no enemy could stop the blow from the sky, and their wise and benevolent lords would surely win the war. In a short while, the hydrogen balloon floated over the royal capital, and the towering capital shrank to the size of a palm. Lightning pulled down the windshield glasses and gestured to Wendy to drop a bomb. The latter clicked and moved the mechanism. A bomb broke away from the stand and fell to the ground. Unlike the previous air raid, Anna did not travel with the ship this time, but was replaced by a hummingbird. Under the continuous influence of her magical power, the weight of the four bombs hung is only 20% of the u