ion sounded on the ground.

The black soil pillars exploded hundreds of feet high, and countless stumps and broken arms sprayed thousands of feet away.

Even Salian, who ordered the construction of these large bombs, did not expect that even Joe, who gave these blueprints,西安桑拿网 could not have imagined that these 1,000-caliber bombs would have such a terrifying effect on the battlefield.

Where the bomb fell, the highlanders and wolves within a radius of half a mile were either directly crushed to pieces, or completely lost all mobility. They were all severely injured internally by the shock, and they were unable to even wailing.

Round bombs with a diameter of one thousand millimeters continued to fall from the air.

There are so many bombs carried by war airships, the density of falling is so large, the interval between the bombs landing is only a negligible five hundred feet…

The black soil pillars continue to rise on the ground, the flames are soaring into the sky. There was a continuous resounding, and under the three war airships, three death corridors from east to west formed. 西安夜生活第一论坛网

Salian stood on the hill, squinted at the killing effect caused by the war airship, and exhaled heavily.

“Wasted… at least 80% of the lethality was wasted…”

Salian said coldly: “The war airship has a very good tactical effect with the new bombs, but we must pay attention to effective destruction… We must not waste the lethality. This is all the Golden Mark!”

Salian,西安夜生活网 as well as the generals of the logistics department of the War Department beside him, were intoxicated and heartbroken as they watched the mere twenty to thirty thousand emperors slaughter the highlanders wantonly. Wonderful scene.

In the past, a raid of this scale by the highlanders would require at least one million emperors to rely on the high walls of the male city and the desperate resistance of battle fortresses before they could barely cope with the past. Wait until these highlanders grab a lot of money, etc. After they are satisfied