Yeah, this is your shortcoming Lorenzo, you are so angry, so angry that you never try to think about demons.

Think about them? I think the meaning of their existence is to be killed and completely 西安夜生活第一论坛网eradicated!

Lorenzo angrily said.

So you are covered by anger, you don’t even realize what great wealth your side has.

Medanzo said with some distress, Lorenzo is a smart man, but sometimes smart people are blinded by a leaf.

We never know demons from the beginning to the end, because of the weird erosion, the strong offense, and they don’t speak human words.

Medanzo again Shows his untimely sense of humor.

But haven’t you noticed it, Lorenzo.

He looked at Watson on the side.

Our side has the first demon who can communicate normally without taking care of erosion. She is The imitation from the Holy Grail, the artificial natural disaster, is also our best friend once.

Watson’s familiar face showed a faint smile, just like it used to be.

I should have thought 西安夜生活网 of it.

Medanzo pointed at Watson Said.

You are trading with the devil! Trading with the devil!

Lorenzo seems a little unacceptable. He is extremely resistant to Watson, just like he has witnessed the burning Saint Nalo Cathedral that night. The fire has not been extinguished, and it is still burning in his heart. But

isn’t we the demon hunter originated from demons? Lorenzo, some wrong decisions can bring the right results.

Medanzo asked again.


Then Medanzo seems to have figured out something clearly, words are never the best way to convince a person, only let him see it with his own eyes. He said

to Watson. Show it to him.

Are you sure?

This is a great opportunity.

Watson Watson nodded. .

Okay, but you have to remember, this comes at a price.


like a deal, no contract does not require any signature, all just reached in the conversations.

Lorenzo looked at them, there seems to be something happened, he stepped on the ice floes are frozen thrown in unknown forces, like ice jungle here, he has a severing o