’t save money for the boss of Old Hill…he Soon, I will earn enough gold coins like a hill!”

Old Sear smiled brilliantly!

If he can connect to the Rittal’s line and get the goods directly from the Rittal’s… 西安夜生活论坛 Tomahawk’s annual consumption of high-end drinks is a huge number, and there are huge profits in it. What is a meal? Ten meals are all right!

Billy and a group of chubby colleagues danced with excitement, chanting the slogan’Long live the boss’ passionately.

As the imperial police… a smuggling leader and a potential client, they connected grandiosely in front of them, and prepared a large number of transactions grandily… 西安耍耍网 They were cheering for the smuggling leader’s transaction with a major customer!

Very good, this kind of thing is very’Tulum Harbor’!

Mr. Si Gengsi and Old Hill ran to the restaurant’s office and discussed the matter of the Rittal family directly supplying Old Hill.

Joe sat on the high-back chair comfortably again, cut a large piece of steak heavily, and put it into his mouth 新西安夜网 to chew comfortably.

High in the sky, an airship flew slowly, casting a huge shadow on the ground.

Amidst the steam emission of’chichi’, a neat pace of’boasting boasting’ came. A line of heavily armed emperor soldiers lined up and walked quickly across the street outside the restaurant.

A group of soldiers stopped in front of the Tomahawk restaurant. They looked into the restaurant carefully and vigilantly 西安夜网论坛 through the thick glass door.

Lan Mujin stood up, walked silently to the door, gently opened the glass door, showed Salian’s order to the soldiers, and then mumbled a few words with them.

The soldiers snapped a military salute to Lan Mujin. Lan Mujin also returned a military salute to them. A soldier put a small iron-gray flag on the lintel, and then a group of people quickly walked along the street. March.

Several 西安夜生活第一论坛网 officers rode across the street on horseback. The leader of the officer carrying a large tin horn, roared loudly: “By the order of the Queen, Ruhr City is under