y sees on him:

the 西安夜生活第一论坛网 light gate stained with a little black, the incalculable light ball, the transparent and translucent worms huddled together, the mysterious and complex contains a lot of knowledge but What do the symbols and patterns that make people unable to get feedback represent?

This is a certain mythological creature form corresponding to the mysterious space above the gray fog? The kind that belongs to the sequence 0 true god level?

Because there is gray fog Obstructed, so only the Extraordinary of the Destiny Path can directly see and bear the impact and pollution? Similarly, because of the obstacle of the gray mist, the Extraordinary of the Destiny Path will not completely collapse like looking directly at the gods, but also Can’t get any knowledge?

Klein thought for a while, and then tried to use the skills of 西安夜生活网 divination to interpret the symbolic meaning of the picture: The

light gate is a bit like the symbol behind the’apprentice’ seat, and it seems to point to the

countless layers of Mr. Gate . The light ball is consistent with the content of my meditation, and the latter is derived from some of the mythological system constructed on the earth. Is my subconscious being affected and I choose a memory 西安夜生活论坛 that is close to similar, or my choice reversely affects the manifestation of the picture in the gray mist The

twisted transparent worm is close to the group on the huge throne on the main peak of the Honakis Mountains, but it is a bit different. This belongs to the sequence 0 of the’fortune-telling’ approach, the’Fool’? The translucent ones are not very clear and difficult to judge

Also, the black and blue 西安夜生活网 color on the surface always reminds me of the depths of the mysterious space where I can’t climb it. When standing on the highest light ladder, I can see the clouds condensed in the sky, a little black and blue presents

Klein thought for a long time, could not get an answer, the matter had to temporarily pressed into the bottom of my heart, and then have to wait for the f