ting, and a huge fish creature appeared.

This strange-looking giant fish opened its mouth and spit out a small metal ball, letting it fall on the deck.

Alger clicked Nodding and expressing thanks in singing.

This is a marine creature domesticated by the Storm Church. In this operation, it and its companions acted as messengers between the various ships and the actual controlled islands. After

西安夜网论坛 receiving thanks, the giant fish shook its body and flung its tail. , Plunged into the depths of the sea and swam into the distance.

Alger watched silently for two seconds, and a gust of wind caused it to send the metal ball to the captain’s room.

Unscrew the metal ball and take out the paper inside. Alger just After taking a look, his eyes solidified.

George III was assassinated and Alger repeated the above content with a slightly 西安夜生活论坛 solemn expression, and then thought of Gehrman Sparrow’s reminder of the world and Mr. Fool’s hint.

This time, He stopped hesitating, blocked the room, and whispered his honorable name:

Fools who do not belong to this era.

The prayers have almost turned into a chorus. Mr. Hanged Man wants to borrow the Dark Cross from Little Sun? Leonard, eh These voices 西安耍耍网overlapped layer by layer, ups and downs, and there seemed to be shocks around Klein raised his hand and rubbed his forehead, feeling like

he was using an electric drill in all directions. At this time, he followed Amon into the deserted wilderness and saw it here It was filled with grayish-yellow mist, there were several gullies, and there were a lot of things lingering in the depths of the darkness.

Compared with the quiet and lurking monsters 新西安夜网 before, the kind here looks quite special.

Amon wearing a pointed soft hat Raised his hand and stroked the crystal monocle, pointed to the front and smiled: In

another half day, we should be able to reach the final destination. After

half a day, less than one day has passed, isn’t it three days? Klein’s pupils seem to be different. Zoom in.

Amon smiled and