It is said that it is a paper page, but in fact it is not known what it is made of. It has the texture of licorice skin, and Ivan feels a little familiar. 西安夜网论坛

After reading what was written on it, Ivan’s face went dark.

“Tom, you really are a liar!” Ivan gritted his teeth with anger. After 西安夜生活网 comparing the content, he was sure that this was the missing page of The Origin of Blood.

Tom had been fooling him before this thing was taken away by Dumbledore, but he was still half-trusted.

And these missing pages, just as Ivan had originally expected, recorded the 西安夜生活论坛 method of fusion of blood, that is, the formula of blood fusion potion that the system rewarded him last school year.

“Sure enough, my previous guess was

correct .” Ivan was not surprised. After learning that “The Origin of Blood” was written by Salazar Slytherin, he guessed that the rewards the system gave him were not made out of nothing. It’s something that already exists.

In addition to these, the missing page also records the existence of the secret room and how to get there.

Ivan thought about it. It seemed that what Tom had said to him was not all false.

It is possible that Tom, as he himself said, found a clue left by Slytherin somewhere in the castle, found this “Origin of Blood”, and then went to the secret room according to the prompt…

Chapter 227 The mystery of blood and the limit 西安耍耍网 of fusion!

If not, it would be hard for Ivan to imagine how Tom discovered the entrance to the secret room. You

must know that the entrance to the secret room was built in the girl’s bathroom, and this bathroom was normal until the death of Myrtle. Used.

Without precise guidance, Tom Riddle sneaked into the girl’s bathroom for no reason, and found the snake shadow carved on the bronze dragon head.

Unless 西安桑拿网 he has the habit of peeping at girls’ bathroom…

[Ding, mission blood mystery, progress update…] The

sudden system prompt interrupted Ivan’s thoughts.

Ivan opened the mission log and found that the mission progress of the Mys