eet twitched and the pain was severe.

However, he is righteous and powerful!

Took a hard look wearing the armband on his left arm, Yin Zhi youth snapped: “?? I am a police academy discipline Governor Chadu Deng Feng Hankehaimu I ask you, why do you disturb order and dine Why waste food”

Duden pull Out of the oak baton hanging around his waist, he turned to Joe’s side, and it was a stick at Joe’s fat and fleshy buttocks.

Joe grabbed the baton with his backhand, his five fingers pressed hard, and the oak baton, two feet thick and two feet long, was crushed by Joe!

It is not broken, but the baton is like a fake and shoddy product made of flour, which is directly kneaded into a large piece of wood flour.

The fine powder fell from Joe’s fingers. Joe looked down at Duden with a dull face, and sneered word by word: “Disrupt 西安夜生活论坛 the order? Waste of food? Damn, I’m about to eat, you hit I lost my food, and you still said I was wasting food?”

There was a slight red glow in the pupils, and the crimson instinct quietly emerged from the sea like a troll hiding in the sea.

Joe sensed Duden’s malice against him.

It’s not because of Joe’s behavior that Duden was full of malice towards Joe, the kick just now, and the stick just now, it’s just that he used the question to play!


Joe thought of Matthew who assassinated him before, the students of the Fourth University who surrounded him at the entrance of the Judicial University, and the tall man who threatened him last night.

At this moment, Duden appeared again.

Duden slammed the half-cut baton in his hand to the ground. He stepped on the solid 西安耍耍网 surface ball that Joe pinched like a solid iron ball, and yelled with a sneer: “You are going to eat Something? Who has seen that before eating, the precious food empire’s allowance should be given to us for free food, like this?”

Duden shook his head vigorously, and the terrible scene of Joe crushing an oak baton Threw it out.

That’s right, a crushed oak baton is terrible. It is crushed, no