s. Dracula said vowedly. There should be magic weapons. Even Elizabeth couldn’t help but join the discussion. Wait a minute, let me take a look. Richard’s face was full of joy of harvest, and he felt that the royal collection must be extraordinary. He is not greedy, and he comes with hundreds of thousands of gold coins to add thousands of pounds of fine gold and mithril, which is enough to fill his appetite as a small pioneer of the country. As a result, when I glanced at it, my smile immediately condensed, and my brows slowly frowned, huh? how? A group of people looked at him with burning eyes. It was actually empty inside. Richard had a pile of hard-shell notebooks in his hand, which were different from the old and the new, and then he stuffed them into the ring. There were just a few books and nothing else. However, the ring itself is truly worthy of the name of the royal collection. The storage space with eight blades in length, width and height is 64 times that of Richard’s hand, and it is almost enough to provide logistical support for a medium-sized army. The secret crystal that can support such a huge space is absolutely 西安耍耍网 rare! You must know that even if the weight is the same, a 2,000-pound fat pig is definitely more valuable than ten 200-pound pigs combined. Without him, things are precious. The value of this ring is already difficult to measure with money, because no matter who it is, he will certainly not be stupid enough to exchange it for gold coins. It is extremely valuable in the literal sense. Sir, this was found from the Patriarch Sebastian. Hutt handed over a ring and a bracelet. The Lord of Alpine Fortress is now a veteran, and one can see that the ring is also a space equipment when he looks at the gloss of the gem. This time, there are really some fine gold and mithril, alchemy props, and a bunch of scattered things. As for the storage space, the length, width and height of the two blades are somewhat shivering as the patriarch. But what 西安桑拿网 really surprised Richard was that in the s