ward. Before you figure out the origins of these two people, remember to stabilize.

There are many founders of the organization, but he is the only one who has survived today. This care and prudence is the magic weapon for his life.

This time, if it hadn’t been for the insight that the emperor had known his identity a long 西安耍耍网 time ago, he would naturally not reveal his identity, even if Longgang was taken back to the Sea-Monster King’s Court, he would silently wait for the opportunity.

It was really the situation at the time. A god-given opportunity was sent to him, leaving him with almost no choice. He robbed Longgang out of his hands, and went with the emperor’s things.

Master Karen feels that his move can be regarded as a great feat in the future and used as a teaching material in front of the newcomers of the organization!

I can blow it for a lifetime!

“Ryaz, what do you think?” Luo Qiu asked.

This is a question that surpasses all the conjectures of Master Karen. Why did he suddenly mention Reyaz at this time?

Wait a minute, knowing that they have rescued Longgang, this time I am afraid that they have been 西安夜生活论坛 captured by the underwater city, why these two people are too indifferent!

Once this idea is opened, Master Karen’s brain quickly turns .

Will they grab themselves by hand, so that they can claim credit in front of the Emperor of the Undersea City.

Or black eat black, take away what the emperor wants?

“Reyaz’s words” while thinking wildly, Master Karen said without changing his face: “This kid is quite smart, and the children in the underwater city are basically simple, after all, they have always been in this direction. Cultivated. The environment is like this, Reyaz is not much different from other children.”

“Professor, do you like this child.” Boss Luo smiled.

“I don’t like it.” Master Karen shook his head. “I didn’t teach him for a long time, and the contact time was not deep.”

“So from your perspective as a historian, the emperor of the underwater city is a What