middle of the meeting room. Everyone, good noon, the matter is urgent, I will not be polite with you, this time the frontline defeat, the alliance has killed four high-level legendary powerhouses, they need to be supplemented in time, the alliance has decided to deploy manpower from each garrisoned city, and Black Rock Fortress needs to be released. One, whether to volunteer or take the lottery, you decide for yourself, but be sure to rush to the front line before the blood moon rises. As soon as the words fell, the 西安夜网论坛 Ngru Spirit Wolf projection disappeared, leaving only a magic map floating in the air, and the place marked with a red arrow was the meeting place. In the conference room, five high-ranking legendary experts looked at each other, and Lilith took the lead to break the silence. Is anyone willing to take the initiative? The lord of the white dragon looked at everyone, the strength of the golden dragon was still a little weaker, if he participated in the bloody battle, the possibility of life could not be guaranteed.Lilith was the lord of the aerostat, and some did not want to go, the priest of Sinod was a secondary profession and was not good at fighting, everyone The most suitable one is herself and Catwoman, because the two are powerful in combat and have a greater chance of survival. Lord White Dragon looked at Catwoman and found 西安桑拿按摩 that Catwoman was also looking at herself. Let me go. x2 Catwoman raised her brows. Guess the game to decide, whoever wins, meow~. Lord White Dragon shrugged. as you wish. stone! scissors! cloth! x2 The White Dragon Lord Dragon Claw made a scissor hand and looked at Catwoman’s spread claws. Well, you lose. Catwoman looked dejected, her ears were folded down~, it was really boring. Lord White Dragon explained: I just made a breakthrough this time, so I just used actual combat to stabilize it. Besides, I wanted to see the bloody battle. Before making a decision, the White Dragon Lord has also carefully calculated. It is still very early to the stage where the gods