this moment, and all the soldiers knew it, and raised their weapons one after another to intercept the prince of Pasar and all the Kraken soldiers.

His Royal Highness couldn’t 西安耍耍网 help but wonder: “We have just been born and died. What are

you doing ?” “Don’t worry, we won’t kill you.” Mrs. Kaia said calmly: “But from here, you can escape by yourself, yes. Life is death, it depends on your luck. This handover has ended, and there is no connection between us.”

doing “This is wrong!” His Royal Highness said with a sad expression: “I know, there has been accumulation 西安夜网论坛between the Undersea City and the Sea Monster Clan. There are countless hatreds, but can hatred solve the problem? The Sea-Monster Clan, once also a member of the underwater city, the mistakes made by our ancestors have 新西安夜网 been washed over us by the blood and souls of countless soldiers killed in this long time. Why not let go of prejudices and work hard for great peace and coexistence? I know this is difficult, but everything is difficult at first, as long as we are willing to take the first step, hope is here, let us let go of hatred! ”


Kaiya The wife still fired a shot, and the prince of Pasar jumped and avoided.

Mrs. Kaia said coldly: “I don’t know if you are really pussies, or if you have a simple mind, but I believe , And Wang Ting will not really send a worthless waste to carry out this transaction.西安桑拿网 I said, from here on, there is no relationship between you and me. You can choose not to leave, but we will not stand by Blame the gun and bullets in my hand.”

But at this moment, a blue light suddenly shot out from Madam Kaia’s side, hitting the chest of a Sea-Monster warrior.


! Mrs. Kaia suddenly turned around, but saw Professor Jin Karen lifted his crutch for some time, only to hear Professor 西安夜生活网 Jin Karen’s voice saying loudly at this time: “Kill all these lowly sea monsters, for me The innocent people and loyal warriors who were buried in their hands in the Undersea City have revenge!!” As he

said, befo