..Holy…Holy…Holy Attila!”

From his sleeve, Bishop Hoffman shivered and took out a huge promissory note issued by the Royal Bank of the Durham Empire. .

On this dark green promissory note with a hydra embossed obscure pattern on the back, that row of huge numbers, even those super Junkers in Ruhr City, will definitely feel eager, and even do something about it. Things that are not very compliant.

A blood-robed priest walked over, took the promissory note, and respectfully presented it to Saint Attila.

Saint Attila glanced at the numbers on the promissory note, and said unhurriedly: “Yes, this made me realize that you still have a little usefulness and a little value… But it is not enough!”

“I am willing Be your knees, the most pious running dog!” Bishop Hoffman threw 西安夜生活第一论坛网 himself to the ground, worshiping Saint Attila.

Saint Attila raised his brows, and he laughed: “I like smart people…No, Brother Hoffman, you can no longer call it smart, you can simply say that you have superhuman wisdom.”

“Then, in the future, you can sit in the Ruhr City area with peace of mind, spread the brilliance of my lord throughout the Durham Empire, and make your due contributions…Of course, you must persevere and show what you deserve… Usefulness, and value!”

Saint Attila took the promissory note in the blood-robed priest’s hand without rush, glanced at the huge number on it, and shook his head gently.

“To be precise, this promissory note is still a bit shabby… I hope that in the future, you will be able to play more and greater uses and reflect more and greater value.”

Bishop Hoffman 西安夜网论坛 Exhaled a deep breath, and reverently

responded : “As you wish, my lord!”

Chapter 415 The Saints Arrive in Medland Glory Calendar December 23rd, 1379 Day, early morning.

Joe woke up in an extravagant bedroom on the third floor of Apophis Palace, lying in a pile of beautiful quilts as soft as clouds, Joe yawned comfortably, twisted his body hard, and wanted to sleep. Come back to sleep.

This room is so comfo