ght, the rebels will actively seek out the rebels and use some fancy to make the battle look very fierce, but the actual casualties are very limited.

Unless you have met an enemy, you can have a few injured people in a battle, which is very impressive.

It’s a pity that they chose the wrong person, and they bothered me.

Luca and I came from Sloit province in the northern border of the empire. There is a deep-rooted idea in the minds of the people of the North, that is, they never show affection when fighting. As long as the opponent is identified as the enemy, then in the fight, as long as there is a chance, then he must kill the opponent, even if he It’s worth it to get a little hurt.

So Luca hardly hesitated. He tightly grasped the arms of the two swordsmen that were unable to exert any strength. His left foot was the axis, and the other foot slammed, making his body look like a big windmill. Rotating, Luca used the two swordsmen as weapons, and rushed into the crowd.

The two hapless swordsmen couldn’t even scream out, they would be ripped apart by the swift centrifugal force, and their bones were in a state of dislocation, but the group of rebels and nobles The young men, there is no way to resist, otherwise the sword will have no eyes, and maybe it will scratch the two swordsmen who have been dying.

Suddenly, Luca and I completely took the initiative on the court, and instead forced these noble boys and rebels to retreat. 西安耍耍网

Yingli, Helena, and Su stood at the door of the restaurant, watching the battlefield nervously. Yingli had already taken out a magic wand in his hand, and Su also unfolded the magic book in his hand, ready to fight. Posture.

Su Tiansheng has a strong fighting talent. She was very shy before, but once she encountered a dangerous situation, she was able to calm down and watch the battlefield quietly.

Becky was 西安夜网论坛 guarded by my side under the instruction of Yingli, with a lot of surprises in her eyes.

I was standing next to the carriage, Quentin, who was curling up