nd powerful, but at this time she has become panting even holding the short spear.

That zombie was just one of thousands of swamp zombies. The zombies rushing up behind, under the cover of night, do not know how many there are. After more than a month of recuperation, the physical fitness of this beast girl has been significantly improved. Even in the tribe, the life of the beast girl is not good enough to eat meat every day.

And now 新西安夜网 almost every day I can drink a bowl of fragrant dried meat batter porridge. Her leather armor is still the one that she wore when she fleeing from the drowning dock, but now it is tightly hooped on her body, and her full chest always breaks the cord on her chest. She doesn’t even have to bow her head. You can see yourself majestic. Usually, she always has the strength to make 西安夜网论坛 use of it, and she can even run wildly for several kilometers in the wilderness with the argali in the team, but now, she is almost too tired to lie in the mud, gently closing her eyes and squinting. A little while last is good.

The muscles of the whole body have become sore and uncomfortable, and even if both hands are held on the short spear, the tendons of the arms will be drawn together. But she was still standing on the dirt wall, watching the corpses in the trench attentively. As long as a zombie was hooked up, she would quickly send the short spear into its head. Then use a sharp axe to chop off the entire head of the swamp zombie and pile it around. The entire body of the swamp zombie will be quickly dragged away by the gray dwarf slave behind him.

This is already the thirty-second swamp zombies she killed 西安桑拿网 tonight. The head of each swamp zombie is the merit card of the orc warrior, and the corpses of the swamp zombies are the proof of the gray dwarf slave’s reward. The orc overseer in the field said to every gray dwarf slave himself, every time a headless corpse of a swamp zombie was dragged back, he would be rewarded with a vegetable dumpling after the war. These gray dwarves 西安夜生活第一论坛网 were s