he necessary telegram exchange is likely to appear in the Governor’s Mansion, the Ruen military and the Storm Church. This is a very safe method without even accepting this technology, so after the death of Old Quinn, there is a high probability that the band and password will not change. After finishing, Klein returned to the real world without delay, and was busy preparing for the ceremony of receiving 西安夜网论坛 the gift. After

getting the radio receiver into the room, he did not use it directly, but took out the ritual silver dagger, creating the spirituality of sealing the room. The wall of the wall.

He is dispersing the smell, dissipating the smell of the gray mist!

For him, it is not so troublesome to determine which power is controlling Helmoshin, and directly use the breath of the gray mist to connect to the magic 西安桑拿网mirror. Rhodes can get an effective answer, but the problem is that this is too close to the last question and answer, and the frequent smells may be noticed by the true creator, the original witch and other evil gods, which is very unsafe.

Therefore, Klein is cautious . Heavy, planning to rely on himself.

After seven or eight minutes, he felt that the smell was almost dissipated, 西安夜生活第一论坛网 he lifted the spiritual wall, operated the radio transceiver, and began to monitor. I

don’t know how long it took before the corresponding frequency suddenly appeared!

Klein suppressed it. Live the joy of the heart, take notes carefully, and then open the codebook that was reproduced by divination before, and read it accordingly.

Soon, he wrote a line of words on the sticky note:

32 Black Pepper Avenue,西安夜生活网 7 tomorrow morning Point.

Sure enough, it was the group of Admiral Blood who controlled Hermosiu . There might be a strong man from the Rose School behind Klein who immediately made a judgment.

This is not determined based on the content of the telegram, but from The simple reasoning of the existence of this telegram itself.

If it has nothing to do with them, on such a night, they did not rece