ence, the sound of carriages and horses rang from a distance.

Starting from the Pope’s Palace, gorgeous cars came out, accompanied by the sound of magnificent horns, marching on the streets of the Holy City.

Amid the high-西安夜生活论坛 pitched trombone sound like a scorching sun, the snow powder was startled from the ground, and was blown into the sky by the wind of the wheels turning, and fell one after another on the canopy and flags.

The fragrant incense rose from the copper furnace, and spread to all directions, covering the whole world in the warm spring breeze.

The knights dressed in black guarded the sides of the convoy with knives and swords on their shoulders, holding flags high, and stabbing them into the sky. The countless bright red flags rolled in the white wind and snow, like burning flames.

On the empty street, yellow silk paved the ground, countless attendants rushed forward, greeted the luxurious convoy, and extended beyond the gate of the holy city.

Among the guards of countless sergeants, the long and winding convoy 西安夜生活网marched outward.

The sounds of thousands of people marching together, like thunder, oscillated in the huge city.

It’s like an emperor on tour.

Ye Qingxuan raised his head blankly, only to see that among the layers of guards, six horses of more than three meters high, the handsome dragon pulled a huge car forward slowly, wherever he passed, everything bowed his head, everyone bowed their heads respectfully, 西安桑拿网 no Dare to look straight.

The white-haired musicians dressed in robes, rode on horses, followed behind Che Yu, and followed each other.

A huge honor guard from the East appeared on the streets of the holy city like never before.

Che Yu, who was supposed to be walking slowly out of the city, stopped on the street at this moment, and countless people stood silently in the melting snow, seemingly waiting.


Ye Qingxuan frowned, staring at the flags hanging high on both sides of the car, that strange coat of arms, for some reason, instinctively fel