ous Laplace, let’s customize some special services for you.”

“Life is long, 西安夜生活网 you and I accompany each other. When you meet for the first time, it will be a small gift from me. You don’t need to be grateful.

” Hmm, wait for me for a while, let me think about what this gift should look like.”

Joe lay on the ground, squinting, deep in his pupils, the three-circle and six-pointed star magic circle slowly rotating, his brain is extremely calm at the moment. , Extremely 新西安夜网 awake. He started word by word, pondering the meaning of what Laplace said.

If Laplace is the true omniscient.

Then, his value is beyond Joe’s imagination.

Similarly, the basic breathing technique of the Imperial Army that Hessen was so frivolous, so disapproving, and indifferent to Joe, was not so simple.

But why does Hessen make such an excuse?

Because it is contraband?

“Isn’t it 西安夜生活论坛 just a bit of contraband? It made me so nervous.” Joe curled his lips: “Thinking I was a child, don’t you know the origin of the gold medal rum in the family port warehouse? In a hundred boxes, Ninety-nine boxes are contraband goods. Isn’t it just a bit of contraband?”

“Pretending, this breathing method must come from the wrong way, but it doesn’t matter. Good things are all contraband.”

Standing up, Joe continued 西安桑拿网 to walk around. Running in small steps in the training room. While capturing the bizarre breathing rate, while using weird rhythms, shaking his arms and twisting his body, this made his running look very strange, and the strange wildness flowed out of his body again.

In his eyes, a faint blush was flowing, and the anger in his heart was breeding and spreading.

The magic circle in Qiao’s pupils 西安夜生活网 was spinning, spinning, releasing invisible fluctuations, suppressing the spreading anger in his heart.

The training room where Qiao was located went deep into the ground. Right above the training room, separated by ten feet of huge boulders and bricks, and separated by twenty feet of soil, there were twelve circular sycamore trees on