too much chance.

At least my divination 西安夜生活网 The result showed that there was such a possibility! He silently added a word in his heart.

What is it? Maric asked uncontrollably beforehand.

Hearing Maric’s words with a

dual purpose in Chapter 147 , Klein picked up the description. There was a paper that summoned Arrodes, and he shook his hand casually, while suppressing a smile, said quite seriously:

Tell me the detailed process 西安夜生活第一论坛网 of making pharaoh mummies in the ancient Highland Kingdom.

While he was talking, the paper slapped, stained with red flames, and turned into bits of flying ash.

Maric glanced at Sharon, thoughtfully and replied:

First step, leave it for three to five days , Use certain auxiliary methods to allow the extraordinary characteristics to naturally precipitate, not to combine with any part of the pharaoh’s body to form a sealed object; the

second step is to hold a’cleansing ceremony’, put the corpse into the altar, and pray to the’bound god’, It is hoped that half of the deceased’s psychic energy will remain in the body. This will not affect the return of the son of God, but will also allow the made mummies to maintain their spirituality for a long time. The

third step is to take out the corpse’s brain, 西安耍耍网 internal organs and body fluids by relying on extraordinary abilities and real-world technology. , Only the heart is preserved; the

fourth step is to pack spiritual spices and medicines inside the corpse, and a comprehensive dehydration treatment is performed. The

fifth step is to refill the previous spices and medicines, make some ritual arrangements on the surface of the corpse, and then wrap the linen 西安夜生活论坛 Put the bandage into the coffin. In the

sixth step, the removed internal organs are processed similarly to the fourth step. They are placed in the four corners of the coffin as ritual materials. The brain and body fluids are the same. The former is mashed into a slurry. The latter is mixed and circulates in the channel reserved inside the coffin, imitating the st