e legendary position. Due to the lack of intelligence, the Titans thought that the dragons had cultivated two legendary dragons like 新西安夜网 them. Therefore, they believed that the two legends and the queen would join forces to fight the three dragons. But this is only high-level combat power. In terms of mid-to-low-end combat power, the Titans can’t compete with the dragons at all, because the remaining population of the Titans, counting the life Titans, has only 25 clansmen. Human betrayal is an eternal pain in the hearts of the Titans. At this moment, a Titan opened his mouth cautiously. We can form an alliance with humanity. Several 西安夜生活网 Titans instantly exploded emotionally. I never agree! The cyan-skinned giant xN-Rock Titan, the goalkeeper-Occam Scott was also in the opponents’ team. He pointed to the people around him, excited. Have you forgotten what the betrayers have done to us! Poisoned! Sell ??our whereabouts to the dragon! What other tribesmen who were shot through 西安耍耍网 the throat by crossbow arrows in their sleep! you guys. Okay, don’t talk about it anymore. Life Titan-Dai Lisiwei interrupted the voice of the goalkeeper, this strong woman who has lived for thousands of years, the words rarely reveal tiredness and pain. Because of human betrayal, she has to bear a large part of the responsibility. Back then, if it weren’t for the human beings who she thought were fragile, it would be impossible to resist the Titans, so she took it lightly and did not use the natural ability to control the human emperor. Moreover, it was she who gave the supreme management power of mankind to the powerful, but arrogant and cruel sinner, the Thunder Titan-Coverdale Keith. This led to the later occurrence of human betrayal. This is the life titan—the scar that cannot be healed in Dai Lisiwei’s heart. Think of the Thunder 西安夜网论坛 Titans—Coverdale Keith and Derisvey gritted their teeth. The legendary Titans she had worked so hard to cultivate, unexpectedly abandoned the clansmen and fled after the accident. It is said that it fled