e new world is potentially dangerous, you will certainly not ignore it, and you will have to come back sooner or later. The more contacts we have, the more chance we will get iron. Richard understood thoroughly. If you want to do business, there are only two ways, either giving money or intimidating. The Iron Giant and Tiger Spirit wanted to get some iron, but they were so poor that two mice ran into the door and came out with tears in their eyes. They couldn’t get anything 西安耍耍网 good. So he can only mislead him, let him think that there is a huge risk lurking here. I have to say, it was really successful. In this world, all the fucking are human beings, so there is no fool! Richard said sadly and angrily, let’s go, to Gaoshan Fort! Chapter 311 Homecoming In view of the martial arts of Elizabeth, the No. 1 prisoner of Tianzi in Gaoshan Fort, the martial arts is so powerful, the lord personally escorted him along the way. Elizabeth didn’t cry as much as before, but started to twitter again and again, and was curious about everything she saw along the way. what is that? She pointed to the white wildflowers on the side of the road, with a pleasant voice. Bitter wattle. Annie was braiding her hair with a hair rope and a comb. She glanced at her and said, the most common wild flower in the wasteland, our alpine 西安夜网论坛 fort has planted a large area. When it blooms, there is a faint fragrance and it is also very beautiful. Then I’m going to have a look. Elizabeth sat down with her back to the half-elf, waiting to wrap her braid up in her hair again. This is the most popular style in the Northeast Province in the past two years, and Annie is an expert in stinking beauty. What’s so good about a broken flower. Richard was so quarrelled by her that his temples bulged, and he said impatiently, as if he had never seen him before. I haven’t seen it. Elizabeth said unconvincingly, I used to live in a dark and desolate underground cave, how could there be such a beautiful thing as flowers. Lord Lord was speechless for a while, t