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Seney Orr is of course impossible to gamble on other items lost no threat, immediately Get out of the way and flash to the distance, allowing the iron cigarette case enclosed by the spiritual wall to fall to the ground.

Then, he opened his mouth again and let out a scream.

As if the roar from the depths of the spiritual body 新西安夜网 made Klein’s head Tingling, even if you often accept the babbling damage from the real Creator, Mr. Door, etc., and have a fairly strong resistance to similar attacks, it is inevitable that there will be a short period of stagnation. The nose is hot, and there seems to be capillary rupture.

However, His own resistance and the weakening effect of bribery made this stagnation exist and only last for a moment, and this is something that Blood Admiral Senor could not know.

So Klein pretended not to recover so quickly, showing weakness. On the one hand, waiting for the enemy to take the bait. In

normal battles, because the Wraith can jump with mirror-like things, and it is impossible to judge the position in advance, even if he creates a bunch of flames to complete the continuous flashing, it can’t be done. Keep the 西安耍耍网 distance within 5 meters, and the manipulation of the line of the spirit body will always be interrupted as soon as it has a little effect.

For this reason, he intends to take a little risk and let the opponent jump into the trap he dug. End the battle as soon as possible and flee to the edge of the cliff.

Seeing that the target has been more obviously sluggish due to the damage caused by the screaming screams of many times, Senor did not hesitate to deepen his breath.

The position of Klein’s eyes, the blood The admiral’s figure appeared quickly, scaled down, and was very clear.

This is not like a reflection of the outside world, these two villains seem to live in their pupils!

When the resentment possession is almost complete, the clothes are tattered and charred. Ryan bends back slightly and 西安夜生活论坛 stretches out his palm to the left wi