girl. Also tried to make herself look serious.

Melissa looked at the candlelight on the altar for a few seconds, spoke slowly, and said in ancient Hermes language:

The Fool who does not belong to this era

catches water, but Shandi Lezhi little girl has never learned ancient Hermes at all, although she is trying her best to imitate her aunt , But I still don’t know what I

’m talking about. Melissa, the mysterious ruler above the gray mist, continued to speak. The

little girl from the ghost fractured and wounded, the holy honey cooks debts, followed seriously.

The yellow and black king Melissa, who is in charge of good luck,西安夜生活第一论坛网 said a sentence After reading it, the candlelight at the top swelled to the size of a human head without waiting for the little girl to imitate it. In

this huge fire, there was a slippery tentacle that was vaguely with evil patterns, but it was not clear to people.

She stretched out, and her movements were extremely slow. The little girl was stunned for a moment, and she backed off abruptly, and hid behind her aunt.

Melissa pursed her lips, and 西安夜网论坛 said with a soft smile:

Don’t be afraid, go and fight him. A hello. The

little girl timidly poked her head out from behind her aunt, and saw that terrifying, slippery tentacles gently swaying in the bright sunlight shining through the window, as if to wipe away the dust, and as if to wave to herself.

Go ahead, don’t be afraid. Melissa repeated it again. The

little girl finally

plucked up the courage and stood in front of the altar. She whispered some of the spells she had invented, and then smiled sincerely and lifted up. Palm.

The slippery tentacles with hidden patterns paused for several seconds, seeming a little hesitant and a little rusty.

Then, it lifted up slightly, 西安耍耍网curled up slightly, and landed inch by inch. In the

sun, it and the little one The palm

slapped 西安桑拿网 . (End of the book)

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