a big bag of Ginger on 西安夜网论坛 the way.”

“Wood said that Harry could dive fifty feet on a flying broomstick for the first time and reach out to catch the memory ball.” Fred followed the others and left the common room. When speaking, he secretly observed Albert’s reaction and then said, “No skin scratches at all.”

“He thinks Harry may be more talented than you.” Before Lee Jordan finished speaking, he was caught Reid and 西安桑拿网 George patted their backs hard.

“I’m not that stingy, and I don’t care about these things. Harry Potter can replace me. In fact, I already knew it. Thanks to him, I can get rid of Wood. Claws.” Albert said with a smile and shook his head. “For me, flying on a broomstick is more to enjoy the fun of flying. When I get tired of riding the broomstick in the future, maybe I will get a flying motorcycle. Cars, bicycles, or 新西安夜网 flying carpets.”

“Don’t think about it, flying carpets have been banned.” Fred interrupted, “Our grandfather has an Axminster pile carpet on which you can sit ten Two people, I still remember that when I was young, I sat on a flying carpet and flew around my grandfather’s house.”

“Don’t tell me, no one would treat you as dumb.” Albert glared at Fred, of course he will not engage in any flying carpet, that thing is 西安夜生活第一论坛网 so obvious that, at most, get a motorcycle or bicycle to transform it.

think about someday owning a bicycle ride from the top of your head, or very sense of the band.

ah, It’s called a sea, land and air three-in-one bicycle.

“Are we going to say hello to Harry, are we going together?”

“No, I’m going to take Tom to the kitchen and let him meet the house elves, someday Tom 西安夜生活论坛 Wandering in the castle and lost my way, it’s more at ease to have a house-elf look at me for help.” Albert said his purpose of going to the kitchen.

“Are you too distrustful of your cat.” Lee Jordan couldn’t help but Tucao said, he always thinks that Albert, this cat is for decoration.

“That’s no way.” Albert said indifferently. “Muggle cats are usually more delicate and not sma