ed the students.

“You said those dementors broke the regulations of the Ministry of Magic and broke into the school forcibly?” Umbridge, a special investigator of the Ministry of Magic, raised his throat and showed a very surprised expression, and then soon He shook his head resolutely and continued to speak.

“It’s impossible! These dementors are employed by the Ministry of Magic. They would never dare to enter the castle without ordering them, let alone attack the students there…”

“Really?” Professor McGonagall raised his eyebrows. Speaking to remind. 西安耍耍网 “All the students in Hogwarts can testify about this. I think the Ministry of Magic should have received letters from students’ parents recently!”

Umbridge’s face suddenly became very ugly.

These days, on average, hundreds of yelling letters have been sent to various departments of the Ministry of Magic every day, which has severely disrupted their daily government affairs!

The Ministry of Magic 西安夜生活论坛 even needs to send special personnel to handle the daily letters and separate the yelling letters Come, use special magic to destroy it.

Although cursing the dementors in his heart, Umbridge was not prepared to admit this vicious incident caused by the Ministry of Magic’s mistake…

Umbridge preferred another explanation.

For example… the dementors who accidentally broke into the Quidditch stadium were 西安夜生活网 actually spotting Sirius. Under the chase, they accidentally disturbed the students and caused misunderstandings, which led to the conflict!

However, Mai Grid wouldn’t be fooled like this, and he was not prepared to speak with Umbridge. Instead, he asked the Ministry of Magic to evacuate all these dementors out of the castle.

After the last riot happened, McGonagall no longer has any expectations for 新西安夜网 the safety of those dementors. This kind of thing will happen for the first time, and maybe there will be a second time!

This will seriously affect the castle. The safety of the majority of students…

Chapter 409 We are such a group of b