s unless they are firmly united by our side. Only when they are bullied will everyone help them avenge.” Fred patted Truman. shoulder comfort.

Truman is also not quite want to do 西安夜生活网 this, but Albert was right, if you do not want to be deceived them, even the principal and gamble Gallon no way to come back, thanks to lose everything yourself Go back. Then stand on their side and pay yourself from the pockets of Flint and his partner.

“Then how are you going to end this matter?” Truman asked his doubts.

“Clean up and tamper with their small memories , Let those idiots think that they have found us revenge.” Albert said without hesitation.

“Unexpectedly, you would still remember the curse.” Truman was very surprised.

“I know the principle of the memory curse, if they are not willing to follow ours kindness to deal with this matter, they took the time to do the experiment. “Albert laughed wickedly,” well, the igloo to clean out, we went to Hogsmeade now! ”

section Chapter 417 advises you to be a good person.

“Damn, those bastards!” In the

Slytherin common room, Flint, who had just lost his temper, was sitting in an armchair, and he was deceived by those bastards. They actually have the face to say that everything is their own fault. If they hadn’t set up a scheme to defraud themselves, how could they be unwilling to pay the money?

“What are you going to do?”

Lucian 西安夜网论坛 frowned when he looked at Flint who was losing his temper. Asked.

This incident did make Lucian very angry, but he did not lose his mind because of it. The group of people was obviously more cunning than his own, and they obviously did not have the advantage. Moreover, the wands in their hands were all taken away by the opponent. , Even if you want revenge, you can’t find the other party’s trouble without the wand. What’s

worse, Truman is right, they are the one who owes the money and doesn’t pay it back. Even if they want to find someone to help, they certainly don’t have much Slytherin students are willing to get involved