ins where they were escaping, the place where they appeared was to the northwest of Backlund, on the south bank of the Tassok River, and not too far away from the area where the Meige Manor was located.

Chapter 74 Witch’s

Thoughts Transfer Room, K Ryan suddenly switched positions with the close-fitting servant Enyouni in the next room.

Under the vine, about 150 meters away from the main house of the manor, a slowly crawling centipede suddenly stiffened and immediately relaxed.

Almost at the same time, its figure disappeared in place, and Dawn Dantes, 新西安夜网 wearing a blue and white checkered pajamas, appeared here.

Klein swapped positions with

his secret puppet again! He decided to use this method to track Qiu in secret Nass Kohlge, figure out where he is going and what he is going to do.

Although in this way, he can only teleport 150 meters at a time, and it takes two or three seconds between each launch – there is a process of mimeticization , But, compared with flame jumping and travel teleportation, it is sufficiently concealed, and the movement is extremely small, and it is difficult to be found by Qunas Korg. You

know, that is a demigod, even if he is not good at spiritual intuition and other fields, it is demigods, must not look down upon!

By the same token, the reason why Klein did not rely on hidden hunger creeping into the shadows, because it is owned by covert covert tracking, can be relatively slow speed, may not fully recover in time for a semi-god.

deep In the night, from the Meige Manor to the south bank of the Tasok River, a mouse, a poisonous snake, a spider, and a river fish wandering between the roots of the tree and active in the rocks, became stiff one after another. The movement was stagnant.

One after another Secret Puppet 西安夜网论坛 was transformed into one after another. With the help of them, Klein continued to teleport without causing any movement, and soon reached the south bank of the Tasok River, chased after Qunas Korg, and kept it. A distance of nearly 1 kilometer.