attack 新西安夜网 their enemies!

The Dragon Slaying Spear pierced the solidified air, and the spear blade rubbed to burn red, and it pierced towards Ye Qingxuan’s head.

Death is close at hand!

At that moment, the sprint stopped abruptly.

collapse! collapse! collapse! collapse! collapse!

A series of loud noises burst from Lancelot, like countless steel cables breaking. The armor set off a hurricane and swept through, and the terrifying wind 西安桑拿网 pressure almost tore Ye Qingxuan’s robe and almost overturned him.

Facing the hurricane, Ye Qingxuan’s face slowly lifted, staring at the Dragon Slaying Spear a step away from him, showing a mocking smile.

A short walk away is the distance between Tianyuan.

What I want to say in Chapter

614 Right in front of Ye Qingxuan, Lancelot’s armor has 西安夜生活第一论坛网 been burned to crimson, exuding the enthusiasm of a melting pot, fierce like a monster. But the demon was trapped in a huge net.

Numerous dim and slender thought threads were wrapped around him, like spider silk, entwined and enveloped him. Each thread of thought was fragile and fragile at the touch of a touch, but now, thousands of threads of moonlight extended from all directions and wound around Lancelot’s armor.

Every joint, every inch 西安夜生活网 of armor, every place,

even if the Dragon Slaying Spear can cut through the theory of music, but in the face of such a huge number, it will be difficult to break free for a while.

At some point, Lancelot was already in the mud.

Those slender lines of thought that were almost non-existent stretched out from every corner of the battlefield. The source was the Moonlight Sword that was defeated by the Dragon Slayer Spear.

Those fragments that were smashed by the Dragon Slaying Spear never dissipated, and they were disconnected from each other. With Ye Qingxuan’s overloaded offensive, Lancelot had been entangled in it.

The line of thought evolved from “Pollero” itself has excellent ductility. When it stretches to its limit, it does not even reach one percent of the spider silk