. But to be honest, actually… sigh first. Because I can’t help it, because I don’t know it. Han Guo tightened his jacket, even if it was almost July, it was time to wear a shirt with short sleeves. Han Guo was still a jacket. There was even a little wind blowing. It’s cold. He didn’t know where to go, he didn’t know where to hang around. He never seemed to hang out casually. Since coming to Korea. If you lose weight, you won’t be so noticeable. When I was fat before, my head back rate was quite high. Now it’s true that everyone is gone… “Han writer!” In an instant, Han Guo leaned in secret, and turned his head to look in the direction of the voice with a grin. But he was surprised because he almost couldn’t remember his name, but he certainly had an impression. Xu Yunmei. The one who almost became his assistant, seems to be here for college. And there is a boy and a girl beside him. All curious to look over. “Really you?” Xu Yunmei walked over with a surprised smile and looked at Han Guo. Han Guo shook hi