ed a smile and glared at her. Lin Yuner hurriedly tilted her head and raised her hand to block it: “Euny don’t look at me… Are you staying in the dormitory tonight? “Simply asked One sentence. Yuri was taken aback. The reaction came and smiled: “What? You go home when I live in the dormitory, right?” Xu Xian stopped laughing, Han Guo also looked at Lin Yuner: “So serious?” Lin Yuner glanced at the two of them. , Holding back a smile and looked at Yuri: “It’s not like you go home and live in my dormitory…I can live anywhere you go. But if you stay in the dormitory, I will definitely go home.” “Ha.” Xu Xian smiled. . Yuri bears inhaling. He stomped at Lin Yun’er for a while: “Ah, you…” Lin Yun’er didn’t look at her, she curled her lips and lowered her head. Han Guo also got up at this time. I put my hand before: “. I think it’s fine. It’s just a movie. But if you really want to change your tendency to play this role, it will affect the sister relationship between your group.” “Is it that serious? !!!” Yur