go back. What other stalks must satisfy you.” “Ha.” Jin Xiaoyuan smiled when he was a little while, still in that cute and honest appearance. “What the hell is going on?” Lin Yuner asked with a smile, as if seeing Han Guo, Xiao Lu must ask. Han Guo looked at Lin Yuner curiously at this time, and looked up and down. After a while, he tentatively said: “For what you must want to know, can I not tell you?” “Haha.” Yuri pointed at Han Guo and frowned, and Cui Xiuying also embraced Yuri. Kim Taeyeon gave him a white look, but Han Guo looked at Lin Yun’er who was biting her lip and staring at him, making gestures. “We were in a duel, and we sparked with the right hand to Pin Ka Ka, and the result was equal and injured together.” After a short silence for five seconds, he calmly crossed Han Guo and walked back to the practice room. Han Guo opened his mouth in astonishment and looked back at Sha Shi’s back. Just let him hang it here. But I don’t know if it is an illusion. When I entered the practice room, it seemed