fter a pause, Han Guo said, “Understandable.” Xu’s father smiled, “Actually, I have seen you.” Han Guo was surprised: “Yes. I have no impression…” “Yes.” Xu’s father said, and took the drink Xu Xian came back to hand over: “You haven’t met me. During the graduation ceremony of the university, you kissed you So gone. We took a look in the distance. “Looking at Han Guo. Xu’s father frowned: “I was fat then…but now I have lost so much?” Han Guo laughed, “Fat people are discriminated against by society.” I can’t change this perspective, I can only change myself. “Pause. Han Guo said: “Furthermore, the overall atmosphere of Korea seems to be image-oriented. Since I come to work in Korea, I have to go to my hometown and do what I am doing. Hehe, hehe…” Father Xu shook his head and smiled, “It won’t happen. Anyway, the image is still my own business. “Han Guo smiled and didn’t speak, and looked at Xu Xian on one side. Xu Xian sipped his drink and saw Han Guo look over. Asked with doubts in his eyes. “That’s ri