urts many people like that, and it hurts all of them and no one gets better. But now he really learned the lesson, but he feels that this kind of self is even more disgusting. Not even a person. He was even embarrassed to comfort himself with the excuse that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Unknowingly, he became the kind of person he was the most disgusting and disgusting. “Fuck!” He smashed the rear mirror hard. Han Guo raised his head and exhaled. Only one idea is right. If you say something, throw out the water. Can’t take it back. He was just at a loss. As a result of reflection, it seems that something has been circumvented in this way. But what did he summarize and learn from it? He found that he didn’t seem to know how to reflect anymore. Or, I dare not. “I’ll be fine, continue…Where is the Korean writer going?” Xu Xian walked back. Jin Yanping, Zheng Minying, and Park Juyoung would like to offer condolences. Of course, I come here in a while. It’s just that when Park Zhuyong signaled Xu H