n aback, wrinkled his nose and said nothing. Han Guo was silent for a moment. He sighed and shook his head: “In fact, there is nothing left to say. “Looking at Xu Xian, Han Guo said, “Are you afraid of me being sad?” “Xu Xian turned his hair off and looked at Han Guo: “Don’t you think it yourself?” Han Guo smiled and looked at Xu Xian: “Yes at the beginning. After a moment of silence, Han Guo said, “I found that I still can’t get in.” He came back to sit at the door and smoked again, smoking a cigarette to relax. Go into the door to the door of the house and try again, but it still doesn’t work. “Looking at Xu Xian Han Guo with a smile: “You know sometimes I am stubborn.” I just cursed the sentence of our country’s national curse that you automatically translated into’Hey West Bar’…” “Heh. “Xu Xian laughed and looked at Han Guo. He slowly disappeared and looked at Han Guo, who was smiling and telling everything. Han Guo paused for a moment, shook his head and said: “Then go back and smoke another cigarette,