Lin Yun’er had a meal and looked at Han Guo: “You didn’t succeed because of this, right?” Han Guo smiled: “How do you know?” “Lin Yuner frowned and asked what to say. Han Guo calmly said: “If I had the financial or status or ability worthy of her at that time…Can I return to China?” “Lin Yun’er naturally remembered what he was referring to. It was only half a while, Lin Yun’er was so smart, so naturally he wouldn’t be able to make sense of it. “You and Krystal are not because of their financial status? Han Guo was silent for a long time without speaking. Just when Lin Yuner smiled and thought he had nothing to say to refute him. Han Guo smiled calmly: “It’s more… and it’s caused by the previous sequelae. “Lin Yoona stared at Han Guo in a daze, and she wanted to say something but subconsciously wanted to follow his words. This way. All the way. When I got home and got off the car to say goodbye, I didn’t figure it out. Only when I opened the door to enter the house, Lin Yuner’s eyes widened suddenly. …Did