purpose, right? It’s a bit more disgusting. although. It was Xu Zhengxun who took the initiative to find him. “Then what happened last night…” Han Guo was sitting there eating breakfast, Zhang Zhuxian prepared. Churning the milk, Han Guo looked at the two and asked. “I won’t be real…” Zhang Zhuxian ate calmly. After a pause for five seconds, he burst into laughter. Han Guo looked over and was puzzled. Then he looked at Xu Zhengxun’s stare at him, even more puzzled. This mo? The attitudes of the two parents-in-laws are completely opposite. what’s the situation? “For your good performance last night…” After Zhang Zhuxian laughed, but his cheeks were still a little red, he glanced at Xu Zhengxun, who was holding his fork, and said to Han Guo: “The so-called’true friend’ you just called Explain, I’ll forgive you first.” Han Guo patted his chest: “I’m not looking for someone to beat me? Then I went to work?” After he pushed the breakfast away, Han Guo looked at the two impatiently: “What’s the situation? Wh