n didn’t respond at all, he was taken aback for a moment and smiled at the door. “Haha! Dafa!” Several people gathered around the door to take a look, and they were all stunned. Then he could not help but step forward. I saw five dogs biting Han Guo’s trouser legs. Kanazawa and Xiao Baibai were the worst. The other dogs yelled at Han Guo when they couldn’t get enough. Han Guo was very helpless and wanted to kick it away, but the owners were already standing there. It depends on the owner to beat a dog. He hits the owner at most without watching the dog. “A Korean writer!” “Dafa!” “A Korean writer is very fond of animals.” Han Guo looked at it for a moment because he couldn’t agree with the last sentence. Lin Yuner stood there with her shoulders folded and smiled, she said. Han Guo calmly looked at her: “Otherwise you come over and let them like it?” A few people smiled for a while. Lin Yuner curled her mouth and waved her hand, obviously thanking Bumin. Han Guo scratched his head and looked at several people,