s more exaggerated because I only saw the first side and only said the first sentence. But even so subjective is no way. “Heh, it’s… a Korean writer?” Liu Jae-shi pushed his glasses, nodded and smiled. Han Guo was surprised and pointed to himself: “God, do you know me?!” Liu Zaishi smiled and waved his hand: “What is the name of God?” He looked at Han Guo with a smile, and Liu Zaishi scratched his head in doubt: “I heard that you were fat before, but now you are so thin. Much? Is there any particularly effective way?” Very kind, not unfamiliar. In fact, just a few words. Han Guo is not surprised. Although he hasn’t been recognized by mainstream Korean circles, his reputation is really not small. Not to mention the success of that Lover Goddess, a foreign screenwriter is a very interesting gimmick. Not necessarily like it, but can a curious screenwriter be a foreigner? It’s just that the public will be suspicious Confusing attention, let alone insiders. What’s more, Liu Zaishi’s contacts are not only determi